StoneCapital is a consultancy firm specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions.

It operates as a financial services boutique, offering exclusive and personalized attention to its clients. The executives form a top notch team with a wide range of knowledge, as such guaranteeing custom-made and complete solutions in an efficient way.

Fusões e Aquisições

Mergers and Acquisitions

Full advisory during entire Project, since the market scanning to connect buyers or sellers until the deal closing.

Avaliações Econômicas


Our team is specialized in performing valuation for several markets, including listed companies. Working as a fundamental tool to support the decision making process, our company valuation follows the CVM (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários) and international standards.

Captação de Recursos Private Equity

Private Equity Fundraising

StoneCapital assists companies in raising Private Equity funding by drawing up strategic plans aimed at the growth of their business.

Análise de Viabilidade de Projetos de Investimentos

Investment Projects Feasibility Studies

StoneCapital is specialized in the preparation and analysis of investment projects, assisting the decision-making process.

Conselhos Consultivos e de Administração

Board of Administration

StoneCapital participates in Corporate Governance Processes including boards of administration as a member with expertise in corporate finance.

Why StoneCapital

Proven track record in national and international deals.

Proven track record in domestic and cross boarders transactions.

Investor Access, Brazil and Rest of the World.

StoneCapital has strong relationship with local companies and international groups willing to invest in Brazil.

Attention and customization to the specific needs of every client

Attention and customization to the specific needs of every client

Use of state of the art software. Complete discretion and secrecy.

Use of state of the art tools. Discretion and Confidentiality.

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